Queer As Folk ~ 1.10 "Queens of the Road" ~ Episode Discussion *NEW*

*NEW* Episode "Live" Watch Discussion! Break out your DVD's, Netflix, Showtime or your favorite way to watch Queer As Folk. We are going to watch and discuss 1 episode per week (unless we decide as a group otherwise).

QAF ~ 1.10 "Queens of the Road" Episode Discussion

Dr. David pressures Michael to move in with him; Brian's loft is burglarized; Justin runs away to New York City; Lindsay and Melanie begin to drift apart.

Director: John L'Ecuyer
Writers: Doug Guinan
Created by: Russell T. Davies
Original air date: February 18, 2001 (United States), March 12, 2001 (Canada)

Scenes ~ http://www.youtube.com/playlist?lis...Ib39XgOCIQic4f

Music from 110

Crying at the Discotheque - Alcazar - Woody's - Mysterious Marilyn

Women In Blue - Pepe Deluxe - Liberty Diner - Boys at Diner

Boy From NYC - Guys Singing - Guys Singing In Jeep

Boy From NYC - The Ad Libs - Shots of NYC / Boys in NYC

Filthy Mind (Mount Rushmore Mix) - Amanda Ghost - NYC Hotel - Brian and Justin

Suffering - Jay-Jay Johanson - Dr. Dave's Fantasy

Queer As Folk ~ 1.10
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