'Dill Mill Gayye' fame Ayaz Khan roped in for THIS Colors show!

It is a first for the actor.

With its nail-biting drama and the thrill of the suspense, COLORS' Kaun Hai has been intriguing viewers with unique narratives on paranormal activities.

Its upcoming episode titled 'Pind Daan' features popular television actor, Ayaz Khan who rose to fame with Dill Mill Gayye. A source tells us that Ayaz believes in paranormal activity, but he has never had a firsthand experience of the same. At best, he describes it as a tingling feeling at the back of your head which you can only sense, but never know for sure which leads him to have a fear of the unknown.

Despite this reservation, Ayaz took up the role in this horror show and the entire story unfolds in the middle of the 'pind daan puja', when the son of a dead man suddenly witnesses the tantrik's aatma haunting him.

A mystery from the past unveils itself that brings to light how the dead tantrik was the boy's actual father, who wanted to sacrifice his child and gain more powers. However, the son believes that the man who died was his actual father only to realize later that he was the good Samaritan who saved him from the shackles of superstition and the wrath of his biological father.

Talking about his role Ayaz Khan said, "Seeking new opportunities, especially those that are challenging is what excites me. Kaun Hai? has been a very different experience; the challenge of shooting for a horror show is that you need to be able to experience the supernatural like it is real. As an actor, exploring different genres is a must and I'm glad that I've got this chance. I've enjoyed being part of the story and I'm hoping to be a part of more such concepts."

Ayaz Khan was last seen in Star Plus' Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

'Dill Mill Gayye' fame Ayaz Khan roped in for THIS Colors show!
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