Murder drama in And TV's 'Agnifera'

The upcoming episodes will be thrilling

And TV's Agnifera will see major drama in the upcoming episodes. There is a happy moment in the house but, as audience has seen, Vishu (Mohak Khuranna) turns evil and tries to kill.

In the upcoming episode the doctor will announce Srishti's (Simrann Kaur) pregnancy and on learning this Vishu will be angry. He will clearly want Srishti's child to die.

Vishu will hatch a brutal plot to hurt Shrishti. He will mix a miscarriage pill in Srishti's Prasad.

However at the end due to some situation Srishti doesn't eat the prasad and Vishu's plan will fail.

Now isn't that going to be gut-wrenching to watch?

Murder drama in And TV's 'Agnifera'
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